Pushed Out: Displacement Today and Lasting Impacts

Pushed Out: Displacement Today and Lasting Impacts

“Pushed Out” is a short explainer video that helps paint a clearer picture of displacement and its long-term impact. It was produced through the collaboration of the San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank, the Urban Displacement Project at UC-Berkeley, and The San Francisco Foundation’s Great Communities Collaborative.

Displacement is often a a misunderstood crisis, and there are a few key things that can often be left out of the narrative:

  • Displacement happens in many different ways – it cannot be fought effectively until it is recognized it in all its forms. Displacement is not just evictions, but also lots of other pressures that force people to move.
  • Displacement is not just a one-time unfortunate event — it has long-lasting impacts for families and their opportunities, with low-income people and people of color often being hardest hit.
  • As new investments take shape across our cities and regions, they should help generate healthy and equitable opportunities for everyone.

In addition to this video, learn more through the accompanying sources and resources page.

To accompany “Pushed Out”, a short video, “Gentrification Explained” unpacks what gentrification really means, getting beyond the buzzword.

To get a better understanding of where gentrification is happening around us, take a look at the updated gentrification and displacement maps. The new maps stretch across the Northern California mega-region — providing regional action-oriented data for a regional problem.

Gentrification is complex and needs some explaining. To understand it, there are three key things to consider:

  • The historic conditions, especially policies and practices that made communities susceptible to gentrification.
  • The way that central city disinvestment and investment patterns are taking place today as a result of these conditions.
  • And the ways that gentrification impacts communities.

Accompanying resources are available to learn more about gentrification.

The above is a summary from the Urban Displacement Project at UC-Berkeley. This video was created with the hope that it will be used in the classroom, in tenant organizing and advocacy, with elected officials, or in how neighborhood change is written or talked about.