A Foundation for All Donors

A Foundation for All Donors

Discover how our donors help ensure that SFF can continue to work toward a thriving Bay Area for generations to come.

A Multigenerational Commitment to the Bay Area

Making the Bay Area more equitable is not a spectator sport. It requires everyone’s active involvement, including the region’s most privileged residents.

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 “SFF has a willingness and in fact a desire to be multigenerational, to be able to work with families and next generations on their philanthropy and developing their own philanthropy.”

David Friedman, grandchild of SFF co-founder Daniel E. Koshland Sr.

Next-Generation Philanthropy

SFF’s partnership with future generations of donors has helped us welcome new ideas and sustain our organization for 75 years.

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A Return on Investment

By investing in emergency grantmaking and remaining committed to growing the endowment, SFF is investing in long-term work that will bring about an equitable Bay Area.

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Identifying Our North Star

SFF CEO Fred Blackwell’s awareness of structural inequity began when he was a child riding his bicycle around Oakland.

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A Rapid Response to Community Emergencies

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic forced SFF to do better, faster, to provide support to a community that was reeling like never before.

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Strong Foundations

In the aftermath of World War II, a group of public servants, philanthropists and business leaders unveiled a daring idea to create a Bay Area where everyone could thrive.

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Support the Bay Area Leads Fund

To help inform public opinion and advocate for systemic change across the Bay Area.

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