Our Bold Leadership

Our Bold Leadership

Explore SFF’s origins—what our founders and early leaders envisioned for the foundation—and how we’ve grown over the years.

Going Beyond The Check

As the first woman, person of color and LGBTQ2SIA+ CEO of SFF, Sandra Hernández’s era in many ways marked a clear shift.

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 “The future, it is evident, will justify the growing pains, the patience, and the faith which characterized the first three years.”

Daniel E. Koshland Sr., SFF co-founder

Identifying Our North Star

SFF CEO Fred Blackwell’s awareness of structural inequity began when he was a child riding his bicycle around Oakland.

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A Return on Investment

By investing in emergency grantmaking and remaining committed to growing the endowment, SFF is investing in long-term work that will bring about an equitable Bay Area.

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Leadership Programs

Cultivating grassroots community leaders—the people directly affected by unjust systems—is essential to bringing out the best ideas and solutions.

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Support the Bay Area Leads Fund

To help inform public opinion and advocate for systemic change across the Bay Area.

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