Programs With Impact

Programs With Impact

Find out how our programs help Bay Area residents build power, leadership and inclusion in their own communities.

Centering People

SFF’s People Pathway is focused on making it easier for people to build financial security and wealth and put their children on a brighter path.

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 “You have to be out there in the community and let them know that we’re hearing you. The trust that you want to build, you can’t build it from being inside your offices and on the telephone talking to people.”

Retha Robinson, director of the Daniel E. Koshland Civic Unity Program
Resident Lottie Titus stands next to a street with San Francisco skyline in the background

Centering Place

SFF has long recognized that stable and affordable homes and strong neighborhoods are essential to creating a diverse, vibrant and thriving Bay Area.

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Centering Power

From the beginning, SFF has a proud history of supporting power building as the underpinning of strong, self-determined communities and an inclusive democracy.

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Leadership Programs

Cultivating grassroots community leaders—the people directly affected by unjust systems—is essential to bringing out the best ideas and solutions.

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A Rapid Response to Community Emergencies

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic forced SFF to do better, faster, to provide support to a community that was reeling like never before.

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The Arts

Since the Equity Agenda’s launch in 2016, SFF’s arts work has become an integral strategy to advance racial equity and economic inclusion in the Bay Area.

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Support the Bay Area Leads Fund

To help inform public opinion and advocate for systemic change across the Bay Area.

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