Stockton Mayor Tubbs Joins Author Bob Friedman to Discuss Wealth Inequality

Listen in as author Bob Friedman, a longtime leader in the field of asset-building is joined by Stockton Mayor Michael D. Tubbs to discuss Friedman’s latest book, A Few Thousand Dollars: Sparking Prosperity for Everyone. In this book, he presents a passionate and practical proposal to build nest eggs for all citizens without spending an additional dollar or raising the federal deficit.

Friedman, a trustee of the San Francisco Foundation, helped create the fields of savings and asset-building, and U.S. micro-enterprise. He is the founder and chair emeritus of Prosperity Now, a national economic development nonprofit. As Stockton’s youngest mayor and its first African-American mayor, Mayor Tubbs launched the nation’s first city-led guaranteed income initiative, the Stockton Economic Empowerment Demonstration.

The conversation is moderated by San Francisco Foundation CEO Fred Blackwell.


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