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Angela Hughes

Angela Hughes

Angela Hughes

Marketing and Communications Officer
Why do you do what you do?

When working towards systems change, it’s important to have ideas that spark dialogue and strategies that help guide the work forward. It’s equally important to effectively communicate the progress of this work, both written and visual, in a way that inspires, motivates, and resonates. I’m passionate about making the work seen, felt, and heard in the most impactful way.

What drew you to the foundation?

As a native San Franciscan, I have always known about the foundation’s incredible impact on the community. Upon learning about the mission, vision, and goals of SFF, I knew it would be the perfect opportunity for me to not only align my personal values with my work but also contribute to improving the well-being and livelihood of communities across the region and beyond.

How would you describe your role?

Working towards racial equity, economic inclusion, and promoting civic leadership can involve ideas that can sometimes be complex and unfamiliar. As a communications and marketing professional, I help simplify keys messages and complex ideas through the creative use of imagery, graphics, and video content.

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