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Justina Lai

Justina Lai

Justina Lai

SFF Trustee, and Chief Impact Officer, Wetherby Asset Management
Why do you do what you do?

I have always felt a responsibility to contribute more to my local community and the world than I extract. And this has led me to seek opportunities to align my life holistically with my values. I recognize that I manifest in the world in many ways – for example, as an employee, consumer, investor, community member, voter and donor. And, in these various forms, I represent different types of capital – investment, intellectual, social, community. I believe in the power of capital and am driven by a desire to harness all these forms of capital to create the change we need in this world.

What drew you to serving on the board?

I was excited to contribute to the foundation’s leadership in advancing racial equity and economic inclusion and to engage more deeply within our local communities here in the Bay Area.

How would you describe your role as a board member?

I believe we have a deep responsibility to serve as thought partners, asking good questions and supporting sound strategic decision-making. I also hope to leverage my experience in impact investing to advance our efforts in mission-aligned investing and deploy more investment capital in service of our mission.


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