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Karely Ordaz Salto

Karely Ordaz Salto

Karely Ordaz Salto

Director, Department of the CEO
Why do you do what you do?

I believe in our collective responsibility to create a better world for all, including future generations. I am driven by a desire to foster a society that is fair, abundant, and values every individual equally.
My career has been focused in the public sector, spanning Bay Area nonprofit anchor institutions and municipal government. In these capacities, I’ve worked alongside executive teams and boards of directors to advance mission-centered initiatives, spearheaded systems change work through policy advocacy, and fostered community building.

What drew you to the foundation?

I’ve always admired the foundation’s collaborative and systemic approach to creating thriving communities and I have seen firsthand the positive impact of its investments. As a Bay Area native I am invested in working with organizations that have a track record and authentic commitment to community.

How would you describe your role?

My role is multifaceted, centered on several key objectives:

1) Providing essential capacity and strategic support to the Chief Executive Officer,

2) Facilitating integration and alignment of work and culture across the organization,

3) Supporting organizational-wide initiatives that foster a robust and cohesive culture and fulfill our mission,

4) Collaborating with the Board of Trustees to enhance governance and impact,

5) Acting as a community leader, bridging connections and fostering collaboration for social equity and economic inclusion.

What inspires you?

The resiliency of my ancestors inspires me. I’m also inspired by witnessing collective action for social and economic justice. I am currently a graduate student mentor at the Goldman School of Public Policy and a board member at the Oakland Fund for Public Innovation.

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