Oakland Codes

Oakland Codes

The Bay Area is the country’s center of technology and innovation, yet young people of color are too often unable to access job opportunities at technology companies or gain relevant skills and experience in this booming sector.

Oakland Codes is a group of nonprofit organizations that creates opportunities and supports young people of color in Oakland to become successful and serve their communities through the power of technology.

  • Develop an ecosystem to connect youth and families to learning opportunities
  • Develop a narrative regarding tech diversity, and the skills and competencies that Oakland youth have to offer to this sector
  • Strengthen the sustainability and longevity of each participating organization as anchor institutions in Oakland
Cohort Members
Impact (2015-2017)
  • Nearly 7,000 youth increased their technology competencies (e.g. leadership, business planning, entrepreneurship, coding and engineering).
  • 70 participants were hired by technology and social impact employers.
  • 40 employers have partnered with us to provide enrichment, mentorship, and/or paid internships.

Oakland Codes unleashes the untapped potential of the region’s youth, empowering our students and uplifting our communities. Oakland Codes is committed to building a Bay Area where young people are the architects of their future and the future of their communities.

For more information about Oakland Codes, please contact Layidua Salazar at lsalazar[at]sff.org.