Programs & Initiatives

Our resources support immediate needs in the community, as well as the complex strategies and solutions that build a better Bay Area. We are an incubator for creative thinkers; our expert program staff uses their intimate knowledge of the region to cut quickly to the essence of issues affecting the community. As a catalyst for change, The San Francisco Foundation’s mission extends beyond grantmaking. We harness our broad knowledge, local expertise, and extensive relationships to address complex issues facing the region. Through special projects and partnerships, we collaborate with community-based organizations, government, other foundations, and donors to create new approaches to meeting the Bay Area’s ever-changing needs.

Core Program Areas
The strategic mission of the San Francisco Foundation is reflected in the depth of engagement in and degree of integration across our core programs. In all five issue areas we commit our resources, the expertise of our program staff, and our relationships throughout the five counties we serve to making a difference in the Bay Area today, and sustaining that impact for the future.


Special Programs & Funds
We provide focused funding that targets our partners, including programs providing safety net, job training, and neighborhood preservation in direct response to the economic downturn and its collateral effects.

Multi-Agency Projects and Funding Collaboratives
We take a forward-looking approach to philanthropy, partnering with nonprofits, launching initiatives that address specific problems, and coordinating the most coherent multi-agency response to the pressing needs of our community.

Awards Programs
Learn about the Community Leadership Awards, our Art Awards Program, and the Koshland Young Leader Awards.