All In On Housing

All In On Housing

At SFF, we are working to build a Bay Area where people of all races and backgrounds can thrive in safe, affordable, and vibrant communities. We cannot make meaningful progress toward equity and inclusive prosperity without addressing the region’s affordable housing crisis.

That is why SFF is all-in on housing.

Housing is a regional issue that requires regional solutions. It is also a racial justice issue that requires equitable solutions. Housing inequalities are rooted in policies and practices that, collectively, we have the power to change.

When we work together, we can build a better Bay Area.

Through broad community engagement and research, we’ve determined that the best path to success is to focus on the 3Ps:

  • Protect renters and prevent homelessness for those who need stable housing and relief from rising and unsustainable rents, a group that disproportionately includes Black and brown families
  • Preserve and renovate homes that are already affordable in our communities, so they are not lost to the speculative market
  • Produce new homes with racial equity, belonging, and affordability as our guiding influences

This coordinated set of strategies are intended to move together to address complex and interrelated housing issues.

Together with our partners, we are committed to tackling the Bay Area’s housing crisis. Being all in on housing means that we will use all of the tools at our disposal to achieve housing justice. It means working with communities and organizations of all sizes, engaged in all types of housing work across the entire Bay Area. Our diverse array of housing-focused programs, grantmaking, investments, and initiatives will create large-scale, long-term solutions to these challenges. By bringing together donors, faith leaders, policymakers, researchers, community leaders, and funders (both philanthropic and corporate) we can build a better Bay Area where all can thrive.

Artistic Hubs Cohort involves eight arts organizations examining the Bay Area’s housing challenges through art. Partnering with local housing advocacy and neighborhood organizations, the artists are using video, visual arts, live theater, dance, music, and more to tell stories and shift narratives around how we talk and think about housing, displacement, homelessness, and more. Learn more.

Woman worker in kitchen of bakery, Photo courtesy of ICA.

Bay Area Community Impact Fund (BACIF) uses foundation and donor funds to provide aligned nonprofits and social enterprises with access to low-interest, long-term loans to expand their activities and finance high-impact projects.  The Fund is growing to $31 million and has invested significant capital in housing-related funds and projects. Learn more.

Bay Area Equity Atlas provides a set of equity metrics (disaggregated by race, geography, and other demographics). Housing-related indicators track, for example, how the region is doing to expand affordable housing, increase neighborhood opportunity, and reduce the risk of gentrification and displacement. Learn more.

Foundation Alliance with Interfaith to Heal Society (FAITHS) supports congregations and faith-based organizations in advocacy and organizing around housing rights, tenant protections, and increasing affordable housing on church-owned properties Learn more.

Great Communities CollaborativeGreat Communities Collaborative is a collaboration of funders, nonprofits, and public sector partners working to ensure that low-income communities and communities of color can shape a more equitable and sustainable Bay Area. Leaders across sectors come together to build authentic relationships and develop community-based solutions to a regional frame to solve the Bay’s housing, transportation, and climate challenges. Learn more.

HOPE SF is a public-private partnership that endeavors to create inclusive, innovative approaches to address exclusionary housing and economic policies that have contributed to multigenerational poverty at four public housing sites in San Francisco. In addition to the foundation, key partners include the City and County of San Francisco, Enterprise Community Partners, and residents of each HOPE SF site. Learn more.

Partnership for the Bay’s Future is a multi-sector initiative focused on creating and maintaining a vibrant, racially, and economically diverse Bay Area by addressing the interconnected and urgent needs in housing, transportation, and economic opportunity. Currently focused on housing, PBF uses a unique dual approach: in collaboration with partners, we work to advance policy changes that protect residents and improve affordability, and we invest in building new and rehabilitating existing affordable homes, always through a lens of racial equity and economic inclusion. Learn more.

Father working from home while his two children are playing in the living roomPlace Grantmaking focuses on grantmaking to support partnerships and collaborations at the neighborhood, city, and county level. Our grantmaking supports keeping families and community anchors in their native neighborhoods, as well as assisting community organizations to build the necessary capacity to address a multitude of housing, economic, and artistic needs. Learn more.

Policy and Advocacy The issues at the core of the Bay Area’s housing crisis are systemic. Our policy advocacy and grant making help create more inclusive institutions, dismantle structural inequality, and advance equity at scale. We support policy and systems change at local, regional, and state levels through funding research and data gathering, convening leaders, and grantmaking to organizations and coalitions. Learn more.

Shift the Narrative is a coalition-driven initiative to advance housing and racial justice in the Bay Area.  In partnership with a diverse range of organizations spanning multi-industry, issues, and audiences, we are working to advance research-driven and field-practiced strategies, tactics, and messages that will help us seize this powerful moment to drive new narratives for the housing justice movement. Learn more.