About TSFF

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Since 1948, The San Francisco Foundation has been firmly committed to serving the people of our region. We are an incubator for community investment, original ideas, and passionate leadership in the Bay Area.

As one of the nation’s largest community foundations in grantmaking and assets, we give millions of dollars a year to make the Bay Area the best place it can be.

Today, the Bay Area is at a crossroads. Despite historic levels of prosperity, we are seeing widening inequality, increasing poverty, and declines in upward economic mobility. The rising tide is not lifting all boats.

We need to ensure that everyone has a chance to get a good job, live in a safe and affordable home, has a strong political voice, and can live in a community that provides real access to opportunity. To achieve this, TSFF has launched an ambitious strategy to advance racial and economic equity across the Bay Area.

Throughout our history, we have been firmly committed to serving the people of our region. Our new regional agenda is a deepening of that commitment.