An Important Step Toward Housing Equity

An Important Step Toward Housing Equity

On Tuesday, the Alameda County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to place a $580 million bond measure on the November 2016 ballot that would help build up to 8,500 affordable homes in the county.

This is an extremely good start.

Across the region, nearly 300,000 families are in imminent danger of losing their affordable home.  The Bay Area is in the midst of an unprecedented housing crisis, and the way that we deal with this crisis will have repercussions for generations to come. This has deep implications for who can live here and who can thrive.

The economy, racial diversity, cultural vitality, and the spirit that make the Bay Area a successful, prosperous, and resilient region are in danger.

This bond is an important step toward promoting racial and economic equity across the region. Our foundation is committed to supporting the diverse communities of the Bay Area, and given the current housing crisis we know we need to support efforts that will provide more affordable housing for the most vulnerable people in the region.

The County’s decision to advance this ballot measure is an affirmation of the magnitude of the region’s housing crisis and the need for action. Alameda County joins other counties across the Bay Area that are taking steps to protect residents and preserve the identity and vitality of their communities. Recently, San Francisco voters enthusiastically passed a $310 million housing bond. Just last week, Santa Clara supervisors voted to put a $950 million bond measure on the November ballot to support affordable housing. We believe that a regional approach is crucial to tackling our housing crisis, and that this is an area in which the foundation can exercise leadership and work in partnership to make a difference.

It is our hope that elected officials, policy makers, business leaders, and voters will continue to come together to fight for our communities, just like Alameda County and others are advancing.

We believe that a decent home is the cornerstone of opportunity, but we know that far too many people do not have access to that opportunity. We call on people, businesses, and organizations across the region to join us in supporting safe, affordable housing for all Bay Area residents and to work together to ensure the bond passes in November.