SFF Supporting Leaders to Advance Racial and Housing Equity

SFF Supporting Leaders to Advance Racial and Housing Equity

SFF is all in on housing because creating a racially just and economically inclusive Bay Area means solving our housing crisis.

Khanh Russo – SFF’s Vice President of Policy and Innovation – shared some opening remarks at an event hosted by UC Berkeley’s Terner Center and the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG). The event was focused on how helping communities use the progressive housing policies California has recently passed as well as increasing housing equity.

In his remarks, Khanh recounted the recent policy wins and shared, “But here’s the challenge. Those reforms won’t amount to much if cities never follow them. And while that might sound obvious, passing laws that nobody follows has historically been where state housing policy began and ended.”

He highlighted the critical role leaders play, adding, “That is why your presence here is so critical. As elected officials, planning directors, racial justice advocates, and small builders, you are what will make the difference in advancing racial and housing equity while also increasing the housing supply. We are so inspired by your leadership. As Californians, we know that when we bring people together from all different walks of life, we’re able to spark new ideas, pioneer groundbreaking innovations, and solve big problems the Californian way.“

Khanh closed with a charge, “Let’s make sure all Californians have the right to a decent place to live, regardless of race or income, so they can be part of our shared future. We hope you will leave today ready to take bold action to solve one of the most urgent problems of our time and make sure everyone has a decent place to live.”

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