Supreme Court dismantles affirmative action

Supreme Court dismantles affirmative action

San Francisco Foundation CEO Fred Blackwell made the following statement in response to the Supreme Court’s decision dismantling affirmative action:

“Today’s decision – and how we respond to it – is not about who gets into any one college; it’s about a fair chance for everyone and providing opportunities for those who have been kept down and left behind by the laws and practices people in power created to maintain their hold on it. In this crucial moment, we must take the long view and increase our efforts to dismantle systems of oppression and advance racial equity.  

“San Francisco Foundation remains committed to building a racially just and economically inclusive Bay Area. We stand with our grantees and will continue to support them and our community with all the tools available. ” 


Joint statement from philanthropy

San Francisco Foundation is also a signatory of the Philanthropic Joint Statement in Response to the Supreme Court’s Decision in ‘Students for Fair Admissions’ Cases. This statement calls on philanthropy and education to continue to advocate for the human dignity of all people and reaffirms our commitment to building a society where everyone has a fair shot at opportunity in education and beyond.

Read the statement and see the list of signatories