Place Grantmaking

Place Grantmaking

We believe that all Bay Area residents should be able to afford to live in neighborhoods where they feel that they belong.

Today, too many Black, Latinx, and Indigenous families are being displaced from their homes and communities in the Bay Area. And too many small businesses owned by local people of color can no longer afford to keep their doors open as costs rise. The Covid-19 crisis is making the future of our neighborhoods more uncertain as rent and mortgage relief, eviction moratoriums and small business relief continues to be staggered and uncertain.

The goal of the Place grantmaking is to create and preserve communities where people of different races can live, work, create, worship, and belong.

Our approach focuses on protecting tenants from evictions, preventing homelessness, preserving affordable places to live, and producing new housing for people across the region.

Keeping People in Their Homes

We support community organizations that are working to keep people in their homes and that help people return to their communities if they’ve been forced out. We are working with a wide variety of partners to address the region’s housing challenges through advocacy, organizing, and building community power.

Supporting Thriving Neighborhoods

Our work supports efforts to ensure that neighborhoods thrive and that residents have abundant local opportunities. We provide funding and advocacy support for local arts organizations that advance racial equity and economic inclusion, build power around community priorities, and serve as cultural anchors in their communities.

Preserving Trusted Local Organizations

To help strengthen the neighborhoods where Black, Latinx, Asian American, Pacific Islander, and Indigenous residents live, we support culturally relevant, trusted local organizations with leaders who reflect the communities they serve. These organizations partner with residents to connect them with resources and opportunities, provide a clear path for self-determination, and allow them to feel rooted in their communities.

Grantmaking from the Place focus area is by invitation only. We will share information about open funding cycles as it is available.