2020 Voter Guide: State and Local Propositions

2020 Voter Guide: State and Local Propositions

This is a defining moment for California. Our communities are facing unprecedented crises with a pandemic, economic recession, and continued racial inequality. And on our ballots this November are measures that could move our state substantially forward toward racial equity and economic inclusion or reverse some of our most hard-won gains at a time when they’re needed most.

As a community foundation, supporting and amplifying policy and systems change efforts is one of the most important tools we can use to advance racial equity and economic inclusion in the Bay Area. Policy decisions determine who pays, who decides, and who benefits in our communities. Enacting progressive policies can create more inclusive institutions, dismantle structural inequality, and advance equity at a scale that can touch and improve lives across the region.

San Francisco Foundation and our partners have been active – often for multiple years – in the campaigns for some of the measures on the ballot this year. Proposition 15, in particular, is the product of decades of work by community organizations, advocates, and philanthropists across the state that has been
backed up by research and informed by the lived experiences of families of all races and at all income levels.

This voter guide shows the foundation’s position and recommendation on five statewide initiatives and four local ballot measures that directly align with our work to advance racial justice and economic equity.

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