Community Involvement is Key, PBF’s Housing Readiness Report Trainings

Community Involvement is Key, PBF’s Housing Readiness Report Trainings

SFF’s Partnership for the Bay’s Future (PBF) initiative recently trained over 50 government staff, housing advocates, and community members on how to use the Housing Readiness Report. The Report’s data tracks the impact of the housing crisis on our most divested communities and how ready our cities are to tackle the crisis. Community members and advocates are encouraged to participate in their cities’ housing plans through the tool’s easy-to-understand data and the “Get Involved” section, which provides trusted resources for numerous ways to make an impact on their community’s housing needs.

These trainings helped leaders make the most of a once-in-a-decade chance to address our housing crisis by investing in our communities and creating better housing options for all. PBF tailored the trainings for three main groups:

  • Government staff and elected officials: Setting data policy & increasing public engagement
  • Community organizations and organizers: Advocating for equitable housing practices
  • Community members: How to easily get involved in your city’s housing policy plan

The trainings also contributed to improving the tool as attendees provided valuable feedback on how the tool can be more useful to their needs as advocates. PBF is currently working on the next version of the tool, which will include adding more features and improving how it measures cities’ readiness to meet their housing needs.

Learn more:

  • Read more about the Housing Readiness Report.
  • Visit Partnership for the Bay’s Future. PBF is an SFF initiative focused on advancing housing solutions by working to produce, preserve, and protect affordable homes in the Bay Area and to ensure our region remains a diverse place where all people are welcome and can thrive.