Ways To Give

For decades, we have worked hand-in-hand with individual and family donors to advance shared prosperity and equity in our region. We offer a number of powerful philanthropic tools for individuals, families, or businesses. Our donors have the flexibility to give nowopening a fund, or giving later by leaving a legacy.

Choose your philanthropic vehicle

  • Donor Advised Funds – For individuals and families seeking active involvement in philanthropy, Donor Advised Funds create a working partnership with the foundation. Through your Donor Advised Fund, you can make specific recommendations for grants to nonprofit organizations in writing, over the phone, or electronically through our online Donor Center. Because the foundation maintains complete records of your donations, there are no additional administrative or reporting requirements associated with your Fund. While there is no requirement to recommend grants by year-end, you will be able to take a charitable income tax deduction for the full value of your contribution for the year in which you made a contribution to your Fund. You can find instructions and more information here.
  • Permanent Endowed Funds – You may choose to create funds that will express your charitable interests in perpetuity. These funds direct annual support to an issue that you select, or to specifically named charitable organizations. Endowed funds can be created during your lifetime, or by testamentary gift.
  • Supporting Organizations – Supporting Organizations are charitable foundations established in partnership with The San Francisco Foundation. They are not subject to private foundation rules and regulations and provide greater income tax benefits. In addition, the foundation takes responsibility for the administrative and filing responsibilities for the Supporting Organization.
  • The San Francisco Foundation – You can make a gift to The San Francisco Foundation to support our mission to create greater racial and economic equity in the Bay Area, or you can partner with us by giving to one of our special initiatives, including the Rapid Response Fund, Bay Area Leads, and the Partnership for HOPE SF.

To create the right vehicle for your giving, contact our Development and Donor Services professionals at donorservices@sff.org or 415.733.8590.