Bay Area Community Impact Fund

Capital with Transformative Impact

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The Bay Area Community Impact Fund (formerly called the Program-Related Investments Fund) is our program-related investment strategy. The fund is open to donor advised fund holders and others who wish to make their contributed assets available to the fund.

The Fund provides loans that are below market rate to nonprofits and social enterprises. These loans enable organizations to expand their activities and finance high-impact projects. As loans are repaid, our fund makes new investments, recycling capital back into communities Our current portfolio focuses primarily on affordable housing, nonprofit sustainability, jobs and economic development, and energy savings and renewables.

For capital not yet deployed in direct investments, we invest in mission-aligned assets, such as deposits in local community banks and credit unions focused on underserved communities.

Since its inception in 2009, the Fund has made local investments in projects and organizations directly aligned with our grantmaking and our focus on racial equity and economic inclusion. In 2014, we opened the Fund to donors, who have since invested more than $7 million. To date, we have made 19 loans totaling $12.5 million. Our goal is to triple the size of the program to more than $30 million in the next several years.

Learn more about the Bay Area Community Impact Fund. For questions, please contact the Development and Donor Services team at 415.733.8590 or

Current Portfolio: Stories of Impact

Our Fund borrowers have created great impact in the Bay Area. From the portfolio start date of 2009, here are some of the stories of the transformative change made possible through these partnerships.

Energy Savings and Renewables

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Eden Housing, Inc.