BACIF: Making a Difference in 2020

BACIF: Making a Difference in 2020

We are emerging into a new season in so many ways right now, pivoting into recovery from the worst of the COVID-19 crisis in the Bay Area. With vaccinations well underway we are navigating coming together in person in the community again, returning to school, to workplaces, and to the special social and cultural places that are part of our lives.

It is critical in this moment that we continue to invest in making the Bay Area an inclusive place where everyone can thrive. The Bay Area Community Impact Fund is a powerful way to do that together.

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Investment Spotlights

The Impact of Our Investments

The Bay Area Community Impact Fund helps make the Bay Area a better and more inclusive place through investments in community-based organizations that create and preserve jobs, affordable housing, and sustainable communities.

BACIF Lending 2009-Present infographic

Growing the Pool of Investments for the Bay Area’s Future

We now have $24 million in the fund and a strong pipeline of opportunities seeking investment. Our goal is to grow the fund to at least $30 million so we can continue to grow our impact supporting relief, recovery, and renewal across the Bay Area. To date, the fund has made 26 loans, totalling $26 million with zero losses.

BACIF Investment Sources infographic

The Bay Area Community Impact Fund is a pooled fund with investments from SFF’s endowment and donor advised funds.

The Bay Area Community Impact Fund is fully deployed in long-term loans and other mission-aligned investments.

BACIF Fund Grown and Recycling Capital

The Bay Area Community Impact Fund has grown from $5 million in 2009 to $24 million. We have now lent more than our current fund size, as loans repay and we recycle funds into new investments.

See the list of current investments.

Maximizing the Impact of Your Donor Advised Fund

The Bay Area Community Impact Fund combines San Francisco Foundation unrestricted funds with  allocations from donor advised funds to make program related investments in organizations and projects that align with our vision of an equitable Bay Area for all residents. By providing nonprofits and social enterprises with access to low-interest, long-term loans, particularly in communities of color, the Bay Area Community Impact Fund enables organizations to expand their activities and to finance high-impact projects.

As loans are repaid, we make new investments from the Fund, recycling capital back into communities. Any capital not used in direct lending is deployed into other mission-aligned investments, such as insured deposits in local community banks and credit unions that support strategies like affordable housing, economic opportunity, and entrepreneurship of women and people of color. Learn more about the Bay Area Community Impact Fund.

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For more information about investing in the Bay Area Community Impact Fund, contact the Philanthropy and Gift Planning team at (415) 733-8590 or donorservices[at]