2019 Annual Report: Imagining a Bay Area Where Everyone Thrives

2019 Annual Report: Imagining a Bay Area Where Everyone Thrives

Read our 2019 annual report.

Imagine a Bay Area Where Everyone Thrives.

Where we can walk down our streets and know that we belong. Where children can go to a neighborhood school that prepares them for the future. Where we can all earn a good salary, live in a home that truly feels like home, and be part of a community in which we feel welcome. Where we have a chance to shape the decisions that affect our communities. Where our prospects for success have no relationship to our zip code or the color of our skin.

This better future is better for everybody, and this is what we at the San Francisco Foundation are working to achieve. We hope you’ll join us in building this future.

In the past year, we’ve dedicated ourselves to creating this shared vision for not only what the future should look like, but for what it could look like.

Working with donors, grantees, civic leaders, and policymakers, we are focused on ensuring that everyone in the Bay Area has a chance to become financially stable, to live in a safe and affordable home, and to exercise their political voice. We call our approach People, Place, and Power, which we view as the key pathways to greater racial equity and economic inclusion. (It’s also how we organize our programmatic efforts.)

We’re using all the tools and approaches at our disposal for this work. We’re partnering with the philanthropic, business, nonprofit and public sectors. We’re bringing together those who share our vision and crafting an ambitious agenda to make it a reality. We’re using our voice to weigh in, and of course we’re investing our grant dollars to support the community leaders and organizations that are crucial to success. And, together with our donors, we’re making impact investments and providing low-interest loans to organizations that are also committed to creating an equitable Bay Area.

In short, we’re doing everything we can to make the Bay Area a better place for everybody.

This past year was exciting and extremely productive. And we’re just getting started.

Read our 2019 annual report: