Power Pathway: Nurturing Equity Movements


For decades, The San Francisco Foundation has played an important role in supporting campaigns for change and movement building more broadly. We have helped to start and sustain community organizations, strengthened social justice networks and alliances, and supported community organizing and grassroots leadership development. We have done this work in partnership with community leaders and advocates, other philanthropic organizations, and our donors. In taking on the challenge of regional equity, we recommit ourselves to the long-term work of building an inclusive democracy where all Bay Area residents can thrive and meet their full potential.

We believe that effective movements for social change have always been, and must continue to be, led by those most directly impacted by inequity, since their understanding of on-the-ground conditions is essential to developing and implementing effective solutions. Thus, we seek to foster and sustain grassroots, community, and political leadership, and organizations that reflect the diversity of the Bay Area and grow the power and voice of people of color, low-income residents and youth.

The Nurturing Equity Movements, or Power, pathway works to ensure that people of color, low-income residents, and youth have a strong political voice and can shape the decisions that affect their lives and their communities. In the upcoming 2018 Equity Grants Open Cycle, we will focus on three funding priorities:

  • Community Organizing: Building the capacity of community organizing groups and the power and voice of their base
  • Civic and Voter Engagement: Increasing the meaningful participation of people of color, low-income residents and youth in nonpartisan voter registration, education, and turn-out for local and state elections
  • Movement Building: Strengthening and expanding the Bay Area’s long-term movement infrastructure and capacity to tackle equity issues

For details about the goals, strategies, and funding priorities of the Power pathway, including priority neighborhoods, please visit the 2018 Equity Grants Open Cycle funding priorities page.

To learn more about additional programs that are nurturing equity movements, please visit the FAITHS ProgramKoshland Program, or Rapid Response Fund for Movement Building.

Grants Awarded

Review past equity grants for the Power pathway.