SFF Staff – Impact Beyond the Foundation

SFF Staff – Impact Beyond the Foundation

SFF has a great team of leaders whose impact extends beyond their direct work at the Foundation. Aysha Pamukcu is the Director of the Partnership for the Bay’s Future’s Policy Fund. In her work at the Foundation, she helps address the root causes of our region’s housing crisis through policy change and bringing people of color and other underserved communities into the policy process.

Across the Bay Area and California, the rising costs of housing are having a tremendous ripple effect across issue areas, from education to economic development.

It also deeply impacts health. Aysha recently applied a similar systems-change frame of addressing the “cause of causes” for health disparities in a new article, “Health Justice and Just Transition.” From the abstract:

“Just Transition, an organizing and policy framework that has emerged from the climate justice movement, is a powerful upstream response to health disparities created by structural subordination. As the public health field pushes itself to address the “cause of causes” of unjust health disparities, Just Transition offers new possibilities for partnership and collective action. We introduce the Just Transition framework, explain its relevance to the concerns of health justice advocates, and provide some examples of how the two movements might work together.”

Congrats to Aysha for her new publication. Read the full paper.

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