Koshland Program

Koshland Program

Celebrating 40 years of the Daniel E. Koshland Civic Unity Program making the Bay Area a better place for all.

The Daniel E. Koshland Civic Unity Program was established in 1982 by the San Francisco Foundation as a memorial to one of its founders and major benefactors, Daniel E. Koshland, a businessman and philanthropist who committed himself to making the Bay Area a better place for all. The Koshland program recognizes Bay Area grassroots risk-takers and makes a five-year $300,000 investment in their community. To date, the program has cultivated more than 500 fellows in nearly 30 neighborhoods throughout the Bay Area. Fellows have made great strides in their neighborhoods, including:

  • A neighborhood welcome center for immigrants and other newcomers in San Rafael’s Canal neighborhood
  • A workforce development center in San Francisco’s Excelsior neighborhood
  • A scholarship program for students in Hayward’s Jackson Triangle/Harder Tennyson neighborhoods
  • A neighborhood-wide mini-grants program in San Pablo
  • An afterschool mentorship and tutoring program in North Fair Oaks, an unincorporated area of Redwood City
Koshland Neighborhood Fellows

Every year, the Koshland Program selects up to 12 neighborhood fellows who are committed to improving lives in their neighborhood. We seek out leaders who may not hold traditional leadership positions, but who are proven bridge builders in their community, making connections and building a sense of belonging Fellows must live or work in the selected neighborhood and must commit to a five-year fellowship that includes:

  • Leadership development training
  • Fundraising training and other professional development opportunities
  • Regular convenings
  • The development, implementation and evaluation of one or more joint neighborhood projects (see examples above) or supporting an existing neighborhood program with Koshland funding

The foundation provides each neighborhood cohort with a $300,000 grant to support its projects over five years. The funding can be used to make sub-grants to neighborhood nonprofits with which the cohort engages in its work.

2022-2027 Koshland Fellows: North Central, San Mateo 

  • Giselle Alvarez, Social Worker, Golden Gate Recreational Center
  • Rev. Jorge Bautista, Associate Minister, Congregational Church of San Mateo
  • Evelia Chairez, Manager of Community Engagement, Peninsula Conflict Resource Center
  • Noelia Corzo, Trustee and Board Clerk. San Mateo-Foster City School District
  • Amourence “Amo” Lee, City Council Member, San Mateo City Council
  • Reyna Sandoval, Associate Director of Community Programs, Samaritan House of San Mateo
  • Lisa Tealer, Executive Director, Bay Area Community Health Advisory Council
Koshland Committee

The Koshland Committee is an advisory committee of the foundation’s board of trustees. Comprised of established community leaders, former foundation fellows and Koshland family members, the committee’s role is to ensure that the Koshland Program remains true to its core values, mission and program delivery.