The Womxn of Color, Womxn of Power Program

The Womxn of Color, Womxn of Power Program

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No matter how smart, credentialed and experienced she was, Yolanda Alindor found that she was repeatedly dismissed – at nearly every company and organization she joined – and seen as someone who would follow and support other people’s ideas. After joining SFF in 2006, she learned that her womxn-of-color colleagues, including Retha Robinson, Michelle Myles Chambers, and Claudia Paredes-Corne, had faced similar challenges in their own careers. But they also shared the same driving passion to unlock the brilliance and power of womxn of color in order to create an inclusive Bay Area.

The Program

The Womxn of Color, Womxn of Power program partners with LeaderSpring Center to create a healing, generative, and rigorous space for learning and growth. The program supports womxn of color in pursuing decision-making positions of power and ultimately building community power. Womxn-of-color leaders will be selected to participate in year-long fellowships focused on transformative wellness, racial equity, and systems change. As part of a cohort, they will also build strong ties with other womxn-of-color leaders, and this professional network will continue to expand as ongoing cohorts graduate and join.

About Our Partner, LeaderSpring Center

Since 1997, LeaderSpring Center has supported the extraordinary talent, dedication, and vision of progressive grassroots leaders in the San Francisco Bay Area. In 2017, under the leadership of alumnae Sonia BasSheva Manjon, Ph.D. and Safi Jiroh, MA, the LeadStrong Fellowship was launched to support womxn of color in leadership. LeaderSpring’s partnership with SFF’s Womxn of Color, Womxn of Power program advances its focus on elevating and strengthening the vision, voice, power, and leadership of womxn of color working for social justice and racial equity. For additional information, email info[at]

Support Womxn of Color

We invite donors to support this effort to ensure that the Bay Area’s leaders reflect the people who live here. A gift to the Womxn of Color, Womxn of Power program helps us all realize this vision: brilliant womxn of color filling scores of leadership positions in local public offices and influential nonprofit organizations. A region led by those with lived experiences, working together to create a place where everyone can get a good job, live in a safe and affordable home, and exercise their political voice.

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