Leaders of Black-led Housing Orgs Gather at SFF

Leaders of Black-led Housing Orgs Gather at SFF

We will not achieve a racially just or economically inclusive Bay Area without addressing our affordable housing crisis. This crisis is a regional issue and a racial justice issue, and we know all too well the dire and disproportionate impact that the housing and homelessness crisis is having on the Black community.  

With that in mind, we are proud to support a growing network of Black-led housing grantee partners from across the Bay Area. These leaders represent a wide array of organizations working on housing justice, including leaders from policy advocacy organizations, community development financial institutions, affordable housing developers, anchor direct service organizations, and faith-based organizations. 

On June 16, a powerful group of about 30 of our partners gathered in the spirit of Juneteenth to discuss how to expand the power and capacity of the Bay Area’s network of Black-led organizations working on housing.  

Together, the group took time to get to know each other and build community with many participants naming the need for and power of deep connection and unity. SFF staff members facilitated a series of breakout groups and large group conversations to look at opportunities for future collaboration. The group discussed some of the pain points they saw across their communities, such as displacement and lack of community knowledge about existing housing protections. They also discussed the difficulty Black developers have in accessing capital and the lack of connection between the Black community and the creation of policies. Finally, the group shared some of the current models and solutions they are advancing in their respective work and discussed some possible solutions to address the named community needs. 

SFF CEO Fred Blackwell observed that there is real tension in meeting community needs through the traditional market system and trying to establish creative, new models of housing. He shared, “We look forward to hosting more convenings like this where the group can hone in on how to best work together and support each other in our common goals.” 

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