Our Team

Diverse, hard-working, and multi-talented, our team collaborates to make community-driven philanthropy happen. Meet the staff of The San Francisco Foundation below.

To reach a staff person directly, dial 415.733.8 + the extension number listed below. Contact our receptionist at 415.733.8500 or info@sff.org for assistance.

Executive Office

Chief Executive Officer x518
Gia Casteel-Brown
Executive Assistant to the CEO x518

Development and Donor Services

VP of Development and Donor Services x507
Director of  Donor Relations x506
Director of Development x521
Senior Philanthropic Advisor x520
Senior  Donor Relations Officer x553
Senior Development Assistant x543
Senior Donor Relations Assistant x593
Senior Advisor, Donor and Development Services x517
Sascha Rosemond
Development and Donor Relations Assistant x527

Marketing and Communications

VP  of Marketing and Communications x589
Director of Marketing and Communications  x565
Marketing and Communications Officer (Community Engagement) x519
Marketing and Communications Assistant x566
Maria Bee
Graphic Designer and Brand Developer x542


Chief Financial Officer  x525
Roberta Schutz
Senior Assistant to the CFO x538
Jeanne NMV Chun
Manager of Investment Administration x554

Alfonso Reyes
Manager of Financial Analysis, x552
Program Related Investments Officer x503
Jessica Johnson
Staff Accountant x511
Austin Escobedo
Administration Specialist, Investments x567
Mark Doherty
Director of Investments x580
Michael Bankert
Controller x556

Grants Management

Colin Richardson
Director of Grants Administration x504
Cynthia Gonzales
Cynthia Gonzales
Senior Grants Assistant x548
Joe Roybal
Senior Grants Assistant x545
Edmund Ng
Grants Assistant x571

Human Resources and Administration

Dee Dee Brantley
Chief Operating Officer x582
Kristen Angel
Manager of Human Resources and Office Administration x585
Director of Human Resources  x501
Cathryn Key
Assistant to the COO and Director of HR x502
Hidelita Sarmiento
Hidelita Sarmiento
Payroll, Benefits and Accounts Payable Administrator x568
Angela Tompkins
Angela Marshall
Senior Operations Assistant x530
Esperanza Canes
Esperanza Canes
Receptionist x500
Choi Man WongChoi Man Wong
Maintenance Assistant x536


Information Technology

Patrick C. O’Sullivan
Director of Information Technology x131


Program Department

Vice President of Programs  x514
Assistant Vice President of Programs x515
Director of Strategic Learning and Evaluation  x579
Maria Healey
Maria Healey
Senior Administrative Manager, Program Department  x572
Charity Whyte
Program Assistant  x508
Chrissy Sa
Administrative Assistant to the VP of Programs  x509

Cristina Jimenez
Foundation and Corporate Relations Officer x569
Claudia Paredes-Corne
Multicultural Fellowship Program Officer x537
Georgette Bhathena
Director of the Partnership for the Bay’s Future x570

Anchoring Communities – Place

Senior Director, Anchoring Communities  x522
Ellie Rossiter
Initiative Officer and Partnership Director, HOPE SF  x578
Melanie Jiménez
Program Assistant, Anchoring Communities x540
Taina Estevez
Senior Initiatives Assistant, Great Communities Collaborative & HOPE SF x557
Program Officer, Anchoring Communities x581
Melanie Wofford
Program Coordinator x505

Expanding Access to Opportunity – People
Senior Director, Expanding Access to Opportunity  x558
Senior Program Officer, Expanding Access to Opportunity  x563
Initiative Officer, Great Communities Collaborative  x573
Ain Bailey
Associate Initiative Officer, Great Communities Collaborative x523
Rob Hope
Initiative Officer, Bay Area Workforce Funders Collaborative x516
Kayla Tolentino
Initiative Assistant, Bay Area Workforce Funders Collaborative x532

Taylor Craft
Program Assistant x535
David Kim
David Kim
Program Associate x526

Nurturing Equity Movements – Power
Senior Director, Nurturing Equity Movements  x584
Tessa Rouverol Callejo
Senior Program Officer, Nurturing Equity Movements  x541
Program Officer and Organizational and Professional Development Officer  x559
Michelle Myles Chambers
FAITHS Program Manager  x539
Retha Robinson
Retha Robinson
Director, Koshland Program x564
Brandi Howard
Program Officer, Koshland Program x591
Fellow, Nurturing Equity Movements x560
Nancy Braxton
Program Assistant x562
Coco Duhon-Kelley
Program Assistant x337